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Also known as the Moto G3—an Android smartphone released by Motorola in July 2015. It serves as an economical alternative to Motorola's flagship phones. Model XT1540 in the US, with dual-sim and "Turbo Edition" variants sold in other regions.

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Wrong touch screen replacement


I changed the touch screen of my moto G3 and for my very stupid mistake i've switched the power on button before to connect the new touch screen!

The phone started with vibration and very hot! it was not possible to stop it in any way.

After the full battery drain i tryed to connect the touch but it doesn't charge the battery and no life.Can someone please tell me if I have some possibility to restart with the phone? I tried many times the hard reset power plus vol- but nothing happens.

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The battery is completly drained 0 volt.

The replacement touch screen was new and tested.

I tryed to connect the phone with charger and battery out but nothing happens.


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So, you swapped the screen out and before you could connect the digitizer cable you turned it on by accident, correct?

It sounds like some shorted, because of the heat. Is the old broken screen still intact? If so, can you try to reinstall it and see if it works. If it does, you have a bad replacement part.

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ThankYou for answer

in the previous post i've forgotten to said that the new touch screen was tested and it was ok.

after i switched off the phone and disconnected the touch just for finishing with the stikers around the corners .After that it happened to me.

Any way i tryed also to disconnect the battery and plug the usb cable without battery, the same. Do You thing that with a new touch screen will be fine?


It's still possible that the screen went bad. I dont like to rule anything out, because I've seen a lot of strange things over the years. I would pull the battery like you said and let it sit for a while. Then reconnect the battery and see if you get any life out of the screen.


So You thing the best will be to buy a new touch screen?


If disconnecting the battery and letting it sit for a while then retesting doesnt work, then yes. However, something could have fried during the repair, so make sure to purchase another screen from a company with a good return policy.


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