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Released June 2016, identified by model number A3003 in Europe, A3000 in China and North America (according to https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-3-regions-model-numbers.452381/)

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I used super glue

I used super glue because my screen is popping out. It worked, but now i got this brown and purple spot on the side of my screen.

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Hi Adrian,

Can you please send a picture of your screen?

It might be that you've caused some damage to the display.

Kind regards,



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The first mistake was using Super Glue. This is not a good idea for so many reasons and yet it still happens. Hopefully you learned your lesson about it by damaging your phone. That being said now that you made the mistake it's likely you will need to replace the LCD, support frame , components like the camera and now need to clean the LCD frame and potentially back. The frames need to be flattened again, so you need to get every bit of Super Glue off you can to the point it's flat. Expect to spend several hours doing this unless you replace the frame and LCD, which is what I'd seriously recommend knowing what you did.

With that out of the way, it's very likely you will break it during removal. I'd order a screen before you even consider taking the phone apart to check for damage just to avoid downtime. The guide to replace the screen can be found here, along with the parts: OnePlus 3 Screen and Digitizer Assembly Replacement

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The glue has leached into the LCD. The only thing you can do is replace the whole screen assembly, or use as is.

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