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Cigarette lighter stopped working!

Good evening community.

I'm the proud owner of a 1998 acura tl 3.2v6. I do a lot of tinkering with my baby boy, and yesterday I was using the air compressor which plugs in to the cigarette lighter, as I normally do, and it just stopped. I plugged my cell charger in it see if it was the fuse in the compressor, but the charging light didn't come on either. I checked the kick panel fuse box, and low and behold, there's no fuse for the cig lighter! I checked the radio fuse(good), and I checked the interior light fuse(good). I even checked the fuses under the Hood in the relay box, all good! I've searched for an answer, and I keep seeing: cig lighter fuse, but this car doesn't have one! Does anybody know anything I should try?

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When in doubt test all the fuses in the fuse box with a multi meter on ohm setting , its faster if you have a tone setting .You don't need to pull the fuse to test them just put your prob to the to pins in the top of the fuse . Fuses are often shared so if you notice something else not working they may share the same circuit. Hope this helps

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Thank you sir! I'm going to try that


I bought mine from a coworker. It came without the kick panel fusebox cover, so i dont know what fuse is what. Can you guys provide a picture?


@Kaley Grenier

What is the model year and engine size (2.5L or 3.2L) of the vehicle?

Also have you checked if it works with the ignition key turned to Acc or if the engine is On (ignition key in the On position)?

For a 1998 Acura TL the cigarette lighter doesn't work when the ignition key is in the Off position


Hello I have a 1997 Acura and had the same problem opened it up they say it doesn’t have a fuse I don’t recall I don’t have a current with them right now but they say it’s about I believe it was called a link fuse got it open up the dash it might be burnt out!!!Good luck party something simple


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