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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Hard brick, no signs of life due to bad flash. Nexus 5x

N5X has been degrading overtime, but for the most part I felt pretty lucky because I didn't boot loop like a lot of others. Yesterday I had the android oreo 8.1.0 update and well... Today it happened wouldn't start at all and it was rebooting endlessly. I left my bootloader unlocked for just this sort of situation, but unfortunately seem to have made things worse for the time being. I tried to use a "4 cores fix" as most people are calling it and there was an error midway though. I figured I'd reboot the bootloader and try again... I didn't get a second chance.

I could pop it open at this point but I'm not sure it would do much good considering software-wise it is (likely) toast.

Currently no signs of life hard brick.

  • nothing with power button
  • nothing from pwr + vol up/dwn
  • no charge animation
  • windows does not recognize it.

Nothing super valuable on the phone besides authenticators and 2FA ... Just a phone I enjoy and would like to get working again if possible. I've repaired a couple phones before with no issue.

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Your phone probably has the boot loop issue which is very common on this model. More info here: https://www.xda-developers.com/nexus-5x-...

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HAD that boot loop issue. ADB and Fastboot won't work now. That's the article that got me started I believe.


freezing it got me on the right path again.


That pretty much confirms hardware issue with the phone. I would end up getting another phone because it'll just happen again.

Basically the connection of the solder balls under a chip to the logic board become loose / cracked due to a manufacturing defect where the board keeps flexing due to bad design.

When you freeze a phone, the solder balls contract, when you heat it up the solder balls expand.

This is a picture of how a typical BGA chip is held onto a logic board:



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I had the same issue too… I've got a pixel now, I had my 5X laying for years, but just recently I've tried charging it, and got the red LED blinking indicating the power is too low, so I've tried pressing pwr button & vol down, it boot into fastboot & got error saying my device is not reliable & got into TWRP, check the /system/ folder but got nothing inside.. shut it down while keeping it charged, downloaded ROM, Tied boot into fastboot again but No luck & now cannot get into TWRP again.. I guess have to wait the phone get fully discharge now & try it again.

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