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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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Replacement battery now not recognised after 4 days of working

Mid 2012 Early 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15

Replaced my battery using the ifixit replacement kit

All was working well, recalibrated as instructed and no problems running.

4 days later was using macbook and it went to sleep at around 18%

Plugged in cable but then wouldn't switch back on.

Left to charge, battery light shows orange. A few hours, still dead, overnight too.

Turns on by holding down power then plugging in cable trick, works but battery icon appears with cross and then disappears altogether when logging in.

Coconut doesn't show a battery as present has 0's for all stats and a date of 1979 for both mac and battery.

Tried SMC + PRM reset, removing and refitting battery and even fitting the old battery which is also not recognised (however this one was well and truly dead anyway)

Dud battery or is there any tricks left to try.


Update (06/25/2018)

Would post screenshots but Mac now won't switch on at all, can hear the fans kicking in but sounds like they are instantly shorting out and then back on repeatedly so guessing there is an issue somewhere between the laptop and the battery rather than the battery. This is as soon as the MagSafe is attached before any button is even pressed.

Thanks for the advice so far! Tempted to take it in and and report back on what they have to say.

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Where did you buy the battery?


IFixits european store


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As suspected the issue wasn't the battery but a problem with the mac its self.

Turns out I had a faulty power button which wasn't allowing for the SMC reset to fully complete (unless I was pressing it in super hard and at a slight angle it wouldn't register as been held down)

This likely explains why it sounded like it was trying to power on but would instantly cut out (could hear the fans coming on and cutting out on a repeated loop) as I imagine the power button was switching itself off and on again.

Managed to pickup a refurbed keyboard and palmrest for a reasonable price and while I had it apart figured it best to replace the DC in for good measure as didn't fancy taking it apart again to replace in the future.

This has fixed the problem and seems kinda obvious in hindsight.

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@leefw - First download this gem of an App: CoconutBattery. Lets get a snapshot of the main window of this battery and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question.

I know you’ve done this already lets get a screen shot so we can see as well.

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Here's what I see about what your saying. Batteries are brand specific as to ensure that company continues to staying business. Lol your comp is most likely burning out something in circuit controlling the charging of the battery. Inside those packs there. are circuits and those circuits control the charge amount, shut off and recognizing a specific type of battery. Tear one down..the old one and get to the little circuit inside the casing. All need to look for is possible burn, a missing piece, a cracked component etc. That it's not being recognized it's deffinitly something with the communication of the battery to the laptop. Them it comes down to why the comp is causing this issue. In reality I tell this, that just because you bought a replacement doesn't mean that replacement was good and could possibly be a faulty battery. It's happened before.

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Sorry. Check the battery and repost back what you find and certainly someone can give the help needed. Good.luck.


While I'll agree the battery maybe defective its also possible the charging logic within the computer is bad.

I would first get a better handle on whats happening before jumping on getting a replacement battery.

IFIXIT has had a good track record on getting good batteries from the same source as Apple does. And they do have a good QC process. But just like everything else a few can slip by. And in the end they do stand behind their stuff.


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