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Samsung Blu-Ray Player released in 2011 ranging from Smart Hub internet content features to Wi-Fi ready support.

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Is this Region Free compatibility?

Can this device play region 2 dvds/ is it region free?

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Hi @jackieguttie ,

It is not region free.

It will only play region 2 DVDs if the player is already set to region 2

To find this out check the rear of the player for its’ region code setting information.

Here’s an image that gives the relevant information.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

There is information available online that shows how to hack the player to make it a region free player but I cannot confirm that they are safe to use or not.

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i am not entirely sure about this model, if you are talking about NTSC region 2 then you may be able to play those on this model, as for PAL and SECAM, unless it is region-free (highly unlikely) those cannot be played, there is almost no way to modify it to play dvds from other regions without bricking it

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To make your DVD player region free, you need to hack it. Videohelp forum offers ''hack methods for different models''.

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