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The K56CM is a 15.6-inch laptop manufactured by Asus.

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Computer suddenly turning slow

I could not find the model list for my laptop, but I have an Asus k501U

- Intel core i7 6500U


- 1TB HDD + 128G SSD

- Intel Integrated graphics + Geforce FTX 950M

I was playing league during the night in a hot room, so my laptop has reached a pretty high temperature. However, my game was smooth and laptop was still running smoothly. After I shut it down for the night and boot it up the next morning, the entire laptop turns extremely slow and freezing. Anything I try to open will take minimum 10 minutes and become unresponsive. I downloaded Throttlestop and noticed I have the "thermal" limit under CPU and GPU and ProcHot was activated. I unchecked the Prochot box and cleaned my laptop's fan, but that hasn't made anything faster. I have also ran multiple Malwarebytes and found nothing and did a CCleaner, but still the same result.

Please help, how does my laptop suddenly turn permanently slow like this and how do I go back to its original speed. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Check in Event Viewer (right click on Win start button - left side of Taskbar- and click on Event Viewer link) to see if there are any Critical, Error or Warning events listed that may give an indication of some problem

Try starting the laptop in safe mode (assuming you have Win 10 installed) and see if the performance improves.

If it does it points to a software problem, if it doesn't it is most likely hardware related.


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There is a good chance that you have dried out the thermal paste that resides on the CPU itself. This is the way that heat is transferred from the CPU chip to the heat sink. The laptop needs to be opened up and the thermal compound replaced on the CPU. That may resolve the problem. When the CPU gets hot, it will throttle itself to a slower clock speed which will generate less heat then normal speeds.

Try replacing the thermal compound and update this with the results.

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