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Missing components on the motherboard


I have two missing 0402 package capacitor missing near the clock crystal and mosfet L1085DG. can you pleae tell me the value.

Block Image

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Are you certain that the "missing" capacitors were ever actually installed on the board? It is not uncommon for board manufacturers to include pads and traces for components that are not used on every board. Several models may share the same bare board and only difference by the components installed on the board.


Bhaskar Bhattacharya there are to many components in the area you are describing. For any chance to get these identified, you will have to post some good images of your board and point out where you think the components are missing. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that


I have edited my post with a pic from a working board. So I have circled and underlined the area for your ref. I was replacing the mosfet and perhaps those small capacitors were flew away by the air from heat gun. As I used to take pics of motherboard before I start repairing, I can see that there were indeed two 0402 package capacitors. Even on youtube I check a few unboxing video to check that area and in one of them I can see that thre are two capacitors.

So, please help me or provide me the schematics of the motherboard in question.


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try to find the schema for this device otherwise no other way

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