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Desktops developed by eMachines. eMachines has since been discontinued by the Acer Group.

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PC wont power up but I need to get stuff off the harddrive1

So I have an emachines desktop that I want to get rid of because it wont power up. I read that it's probably the power supply but I dont want to buy anything to fix it. I just want it gone. I did buy a new power cord but buying a new power supply for a computer I dont want seems useless. However, I have photos and stuff that I never backed up (yes dumb of me) that I want to get off of it. If I remove the hardrive, am I able to recover the info from the hardrive in the future? This might be a dumb question. But I am not very computer savvy.

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You can connect your hard drive into another computer and recover your files.

Just search online for connect sata HDD to … (insert whatever type of computer i.e. laptop or desktop) to get results on how to do it and what accessories you may need to achieve it.

e.g. connect sata hdd to laptop externally

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Yes, you can buy sata to USB adaptor, which might probably cost $5, if it's a 3.5” Hard Drive, you might need to buy the one that has an External Power Supply, which is roughly around $10.

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