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does low fuel pressure cause missfires

i have a missfire on #5 cyl could this be because of low fuel pressure or is there a common problem like distributer cap or distributer problems

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jimenezhailey, that is a very broad question. There are many reasons for why your vehicle misfires. The list of things that can cause this are Vacuum leaks a clogged or dirty fuel injector, bad spark plug or bad wires as well as bad gas, and a bad cam or crank sensor. There is also the possibility of leaking or burned valves. Since you are certain that it is in one specific cylinder, I would change the plugs and take a look at the face and see if it looks different than the others. There are plenty of charts out there that give you more detail than I can give you on here. Yes, low fuel pressure can do it too, but I am concerned that you only have it on 1 cylinder. Take it to Autozone or one of the parts places that hook your vehicle up to an analyzer and see what it tells you. Also,do a compression test on your engine as well as a leak down test. That way you get a bit more information which might make it easier to troubleshoot your engine. Hope this helps. Good Luck

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