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Known as the ''PS2'', it is a sixth-generation video game console first released by Sony in Japan in March 2000. The United States saw it later in 2000 with the SCPH-30000. Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky.

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playing ps2 from a HDD using network adapter

Using a boot MC i am trying to play games from an external HDD via the USB port.

I downloaded the games to the HDD

Next i connected it to my ps2 USB port.

but the ps2 does not see the games on the HDD

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The USB port on the Playstation 2 is designed to work with Playstation 2 peripherals such as controllers or other devices that are controllers by the Playstation 2. Here is a video that shows Memento's idea of a non-chipped PS2 to play your entire collection of games from the USB hard drive. Here is another really good Site that explains each step. Hope this is what you are looking for and welcome to imod ;-) Good Luck

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