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From 2001 to 2003, the Voyager was offered in the SWB model only, replacing the SWB Plymouth Voyager.

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How to use the overhead console?

The overhead console use to display outside temperature & had the “perform service” come on. I asked a mechanic to do the service and to reset the console so that the “perform service” warning won't come on until I need to do the service. However the mechanic completely turned off the overhead console so it no longer shows anything. I can turn the menu on and select things but I can't get it to show the outside temperature. I tried the vehicle handbook but it doesn't tell me how to use the console, it only tells me what the console does. Help please?

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Unbelievable! So instead of clearing the message he just disconnected it! I guess you’ll need to find a better mechanic. I would still go back to the this guy and complain! He shouldn’t have disconnected it.

You’ll need to get it back working first. If he won’t, you’ll need to get your money back at least. As he could have simply disconnected the fuse or cut the wires which could be quite costly to fix.

As to clearing the perform service message, take a look at this: Overhead Console "Perform Service"

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Thank you for your reply. I guess I'll have to go back to the mechanic. I doubt it's disconnected though as the "menu" part turns on but the "outside temperature" doesn't show up


He may have messed with the wiring then.


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