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No more Sound from speaker

I have a CF 29 Toughbook  L3LGZBM  operating system W7.

it always went well but yesterday while I was watching  a dvd , I pushed the FN and F4  hot key to interrupt the sound (I had to answer the phone), I'm no longer able to reactivate it Any suggestion Thanks Cesar

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Ciao Cesarino, how did you solve?

=== Aggiorna (15/01/2021) ===

Ciao Cesarino, how did you solve?

I have a similar problem.

I hear audio from the headphones but not from the speakers. I believe the PC is in mute. The speaker icon is not muted.


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Go to the side of the taskbar opposite of the Start Menu button, locate the sound icon (You may need to press the arrow to expand actions) select it and turn the volume up. This should toggle mute off. Hope that helps! (If it didn’t, let me know!)

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I've already done it several times, nothing happens


I tried this as well as reinstalling drivers...nothing has helped so far.


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I tried the following things with Win7:

- update audio drivers (from Panasonic website)

- update HotKey (from the Panasonic website)

I have not solved.

Audio is never heard from internal speakers (only in headphones works).

I started the NoteBook from a CD with Linux Ubuntu and the audio does not come out from the internal speakers (it only works from the headset even with Linux).

So I did HW diagnostics from the BIOS. The diagnosis says that the AUDIO TEST has passed but the beep is not heard from the internal speakers.

I think it is an internal failure, but it would be the first time in my life to see the internal speakers of a notebook broken (also in a rugged PC).

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same stuff here...different toilet XD


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