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New Replacement Battery, slow charging

I just bought a new iFixit battery replacement for my MacBook Pro. It’s charging very slowly. I did the battery calibration last night (charge fully, leave plugged in for 2 hrs, unplug and let the battery go to 0%, leave unplugged for 5 hrs) and am now having it plugged in to charge to 100% again.

In cocunut battery it says it is only charging from ~6-9 watts. It’s gone from 0% to 70% in 3.5 hrs, which is way slower than with my previous battery. Is the battery from iFixit defective?

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It's been charging for ~5.5 hrs and is at 89%. The MbP says it will take another 3 hrs to reach 100%. That would be an 8.5 hr total time to charge from 0-100%.


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Two main parts are involved in charging, the battery itself and the charging circuit on the logic board, thus it’s either a defective battery or something might have gone bad in charging circuit during replacement or earlier. Best thing to do here would be to reinstall the old battery for testing purposes unless it’s flat dead and see how that behaves.

That should provide the answer you need before asking for a replacement battery.

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I put in the old Apple battery and that one behaves normally. It got bad enough that I wasn’t even able to run my MacBook Pro if it wasn’t plugged into the wall with the ifixit battery. My MacBook Pro stopped recognizing the ifixit battery entirely. I’ve been running my original battery for the last few days with the original Apple battery and it has behaved much better. I believe something is wrong with the ifixit battery.


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