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The Epson WF-2540 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer. It features a 2.5-inch LCD touchscreen and four individual ink cartridges.

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Epson WF-2510 turned off itself after print head cleaning

Hello everybody, I have a printer Epson WF-2510 which didn’t work because needed head print cleaning. I did this process two times and after the first hadn't solved the problem completely because the device still printed out not well. So I did the cleaning again and assembled it for the second time I turned on and I gave to print out the nozzle sheet and it started the head cleaning but after about one minute it turned off by itself and never went on again. I think something caused a short somewhere but I am a beginner so I am asking if someone could help me to solve this issue. It would be very appreciated. Many thanks!

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On the Epson printers made since 2010, the power supplies are all contained in a module - it’s unlikely that your power supply is damaged.

I would look at the wiring and see if you did that correctly, if you took the printer apart to the printhead. Most do not because you will destroy it unless you know how to do it. If you did, check the wiring to that and everything else you removed. If that’s all good, check out the mainboard. It’s unlikely the solution got here but this board isn’t protected. This will require a fair amount of diassembly.

If you continue having problems after checking the mainboard and power supply, the printer is dead. It won’t make sense to repair it, so find a replacement that can use your old ink carts if possible.

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Thanks for the answer. So you are telling me that would be well done checking the power supply as well? I know how to dismantled this type of printer because I did it already and of course to get to the mainboard. You know, I have another same printer which turns on perfectly but as I connect it to the PC, this one doesn't recognize the device showing me the common message on the screen. So you can understand my situation)) what would you recommend me to check in order to narrow down a solution for this last one or to make at least a good one from both printers? Thanks for your support!


If you see any cracks in the sealing on the power supply, I'd begin to suspect it. If it looks intact, it's probably fine.

If you have two, I'd try turning two into one but don't spend too much time on this - if both need work and neither has a working spare part, scrap them both and buy a new one. Check the waste ink pads since these disable the printer if it's at the maximum. It's best to keep the waste ink pad and the boards "paired" to prevent WIC inconsistencies. The print mech is up to you, but if you use a worn out one on a low page count unit then you might do more harm then good. If one has a lower page count, consider it "paired" like the board and waste ink pad.


I will try to check power supply and mainboard even if it's not that easy considering my analyser skills so far. Seeing that one of the printers turns on I guess the power supply is ok but not the mainboard and the other doesn't turn on at all after printhead cleaning so maybe with a bit of luck the mainboard is not broken and I will be able to do something. Many thanks for the support!


Like I said... Match the waste ink pads and boards at the bare minimum for WIC accuracy. NEVER separate those; you'll never find out until it's too late in many cases. The mistake will be noticed when the printer has a pile of waste ink inside or your desk has a ink leak originating from the pad. It can be read from the EEPROM on most printers, but that doesn't help when you've mixed the pads up.

If you can swap a few parts from the dead one, that's going to be much easier then rebuilding it from near scratch. More of the printer will be wasted, but you can get them for very little money; it doesn't make sense to do anything but simple repairs with an existing spare printer.


Hi Nick. Thanks for the answer. Is there a possibility to slide the waste ink pads off of its seat? I touched both the long one and the other small on the very right side of the printer and they are full of ink.


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Fabri, I experienced your same behavieur after disassembling the printing head for cleaning… I’ve been able to dig little bit more into the issue and taking out the main board I found two power TO22 BJT transistors in short. Replacing those with same identical spare parts didn’t solve the issue and apparently the repair sneed more work that is not wort it except that I got the printer for a client wich was failing in printing Black and now is just a piece of junk. I’ll take my time to figure out what it is but now I need to buy another prnter for the client. Very sad story.

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Perheaps another programmed obsolescence dirty trick by Epson? It worked for the first minute for self calibration and than like you, shut itself off and stopped powering on again... SMPS is fine and goes to OCP once connected.


I had the exact same failure. After removing and soaking the clogged print head in an ammonia solution and then reassembling it, the startup sequence ran for a while and then the whole printer powered off, permanently. Power supply is OK. I’m guessing that the printhead was damaged by the cleaning and caused some upstream electronics failure. Based on your experience, it seems like component level repair is not a great idea.


Same problem after carefull and uneventfull head cleaning. This kind of catastrophic failure should not happen.


I had the same failure. I had finished cleaning, had a pretty good result from the nozzle check, printed a test page that was almost perfect. Then decided to run the "change cartridges" function..... made usual sounds... the print head was moving back and forth then suddenly the screen light went off and the power went off. I am leaning to an Epson software initiated shut down because of remanufactured cartridges. This printer had very little use. I also had just hooked it up to my computer for the first time in a long while and allowed the drivers to be updated...... class action law suit related maybe ?



I have a very similar issue

My Epson stylus pro 7000 large format plotter was in use of head cleaning and eventually shutdown of no reason ....

Is about three weeks now when turn it on, only the backlight (red and the yellow) comes but neither the motor nor the control panel works...

Please I need your help guys


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