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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Stripy colored blurry lines

My iPhone 6 recently randomly glitched or something. A couple weeks ago, my phone got stripy grayish lines and my phone screen was overlapping. I am very worried because I don’t have enough money to fix anything if it requires a price. I highly doubt a have a warranty because I got the phone from a friend a long time ago. When I turn my brightness up the lines become less visible but it’s still somewhat blurry. This started happening a couple weeks ago then stopped but I just got these lines and blurred screen today. I haven’t damaged it recently. It had been dropped but that was 7 months ago and it was fine after that. Please help!!! I was able to press on the upper corner last time and that fixed it but not this time. I’m confused because it’s not permanent but it’s been blurry for about 2 hours now and I’m very worried. Thanks for your time:))

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Thanks! It worked mostly and the lines are gone. I removed the screen and my friend helped. You probably saved me from going broke!!!


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The lines could mean a few things. 1: It could be the screen showing signs of potentially going out. 2: Could be that the display connector may have come a little bit loose. 3: If you’ve ever had your screen replaced, it could be that the screen was not a good quality replacement and/or may be bad.

Any of these would mean opening the device (carefully) to diagnose. Based on what you said about pressing on the upper-right portion of the screen tells me the display connector may have come loose. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, but if you do decide to open the device, please -for your device’s health and your own sanity- make notes on where the screws came out of and make sure they go back in the same place! If you pop the connector off and connect it back (again, carefully) and it’s still doing it, try to make an appointment with your nearest screen repair place or order a screen from here! Btw, the full assembly makes the repair a WHOLE lot easier. Also, for your convenience, here’s the iPhone 6 screen replacement guide.

Good luck and forge on!

iPhone 6 Screen Изображение


iPhone 6 Screen


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i’m sorry to say this but your screen is gonna need replacement

if you don’t mind you can get those 360 cases and apply a little folded paper on the spot you usually hold for the lines to fade that might help a bit and cost less than actually getting another lcd screen

its gonna develop more over time btw

and mind you if you gonna consider changing it try getting a OEM apple one doesn’t have to be repaired by apple ask the local repair shops or kiosk they will show you way cheaper ones and a bit pricy once , the pricy one might last couple more years but the cheap once won’t last months and will start from not recognising your touch to all sort of headache the pricy one are worth the couple more extra pounds

good luck bro

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The colors. are messtop. Phone blurry

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