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Released in July 2018, the 15" MacBook Pro, model A1990, features a 15.4 inch LED-Backlight display with True Tone technology, TouchID, and up to 6 Core i9 Processor.

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Is later upgrade possible?

Hello Guys,

I am gonna buy this MacBook Pro. Apparently, it is not as easy because when buying it asks for a possible upgrade.

I wonder what can be added later and what is worth adding extra money during purchase and will not be possible to be added later?

RAM - 16GB -> 32GB

SSD - 512GB -> 1TB

Is it the same true with the newest iMac 27 (not pro)?

Thanks for any advice,

BTW - When is the new release of MacBook Pro is expected, still this or next year?

I heard that many complain about the keyboard. Are they planning on releasing a new one with a new keyboard solution?


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Standard RAM:16 GB*Maximum RAM:32 GB*

Details:*By default, 16 GB of RAM is onboard. It can be upgraded to 32 GB of RAM at the time of system purchase, but it cannot be upgraded later.

Standard Storage:256 GB SSD*Std. Storage Speed:N/A

Details:*This model ships with a 256 GB SSD by default, but it can be upgraded at the time of purchase to 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, or 4 TB for an extra US$200, US$600, US$1400, or US$3400, respectively.

If being able to upgrade the storage after purchase is important to you, you might prefer to purchase an earlier 13-Inch or 15-Inch "Retina Display" MacBook Pro as they all have upgradable storage and are available at much lower prices on the used market, as well.

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so basically no upgrade doable.

Thank you.


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