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Support and repair guides for the Lenovo ThinkPad T480. Released in January 2018.

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What are the details of the WiFi+BT card and slot?

  1. What’s the 4:4 PCI ID of the T480 WiFi card?
  2. What’s interface does it use: NGFF, mini-PCIe or 1/2 mini-PCIe?
  3. What would be the maximum dimensions of a card in that slot?
  4. How many antennas wires are present?
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Q1. I don’t know - is this what you mean?

Q2. Here’s a link to the platform specifications for the laptop.

According to it, the WLAN + BT module is an Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 8265,

It has a M.2 2230 or a M.2 1216 board form factor

M.2 2230 - Package Size 22mm x 30mm x 2.4mm, System Interface Type PCIe, USB

M.2 is the new name for NGFF.

Q3. I don’t know - use the video and the manual to open the laptop and measure the space available for a card. From the video it doesn’t look like more than the size of the card that is already in there, which to me looks roughly like 22mm x 30mm (see dimensions above)

Q4. According to this video and the T480 service manual-p.73 the Wireless-LAN module has 2 antennae.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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