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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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same issue on lcd even after trying few different lcds

Hi all,

i think i need your expert opinions..

so i have iphone 6 which i changed a few things.

the back housing, lcd, battery to be exact.

the phone still works, the only thing is that the bottom of lcd where the keypad is displayed, the thouch is not really responsive.

so pretty much i am having hard time pressing


the button to change the keypad to number registers.

1 ,a,z is realy hard, and if i t try the 2,w,s,x buttons the ones next to it on the right registers.

initially i thought it was lcd issue, so i went to 3 different suppliers(all after market as i dont know where to buy original) and they all have exact same issue, meaning it is not lcd.

i tried applying pressure to the connector bits, as the foam pads are not present on after market lcds and still the same.

so my question is, should i change my phone or is there still a way to salvage it?

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Sorry buddy, logic board. It’s the beginning signs of touch disease. You could microsolder a new chip but it’s much too complicated.

Edit: like puffs commented, you could shop around town to get someone to do it for you. If you can get a good price go ahead. But keep in mind a used 6 only sells for around 80-100 nowadays.

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Like Avaid Gilani said yes it’s your logic board however…if you can find someone in your town who has microsolder experience then you can get the chip replaced. It won’t be cheap though.


It's not touch disease where the touch IC is at fault. It sounds more like a damaged touch screen connector on the board or damaged components around the touch screen connector as it is just dead spots at the bottom of the screen for touch.


Ben may be right!! Try looking closely with a magifying glass or jewel loop. See if thier are any bad connector. If so you can still look for someone to fix it for you at a good price.


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Even before reading the prior comments, I was thinking it's either one of these:

– The display data connector is not quite seated

– The display itself has a crack or a damaged circuit somewhere within it.

The hint is that it only affects one screen which tells me some connection is on the hairy edge of working/malfunctioning.

If you're really bent on saving it and have nothing to lose, try reseating the connect as shown in Step #18 of the iPhone Display Replacement guide:

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

If that doesn't do it then maybe replace the display (again)?

A screenshot or screen capture is always helpful.

"A picture may be worth a thousand words but a movie is worth a million."

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