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A high-performance gaming console created by Microsoft, featuring 4K visuals. Model number: 1787

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structure of wifi on xbox one x and how to remove it


I have a few questions:

  1. Why are there two wifi modules and chips on the xbox one x? What is the purpose of each one?
  2. Why does the xbox one x transmit wirelessly despite the unit being off, connected via usb and with the side wifi module disconnected? What is the purpose of such transmission?
  3. Why does the xbox one x use the ancient, hacked and insecure WEP protocol, and is the unit insecure and easily hackable as a result?
  4. Is it possible to disconnect the wifi from the unit? Is it necessary or feasable to remove the wifi chips to do so and if so, how is it done?


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I believe you are looking at the Xbox Wireless module instead of the generic WiFi module.

Xbox Wireless is a custom protocol, based on some 2.4G 802.11 variant. It’s not supposed to be visible to any other non-Xbox accessory devices. It is OK to use WEP encapsulation because data carried over it either has additional encryption, or not important anyway. I doubt it is even real WEP, it is supposed to be a custom protocol, maybe your sniffer misidentified it. It will start to work as soon as the device is connected to power because it needs to listen to wireless controller command for power on

Also Xbox One has modern standby, meaning the system will keep the real WiFi alive during sleep power off, so the system can download stuff during standby or receive power-up requests via LAN. The real WiFi channel is modern and properly encrypted.

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Thanks for answering questions 2 and 3. So what is the difference between the two wifi modules and is it not possible to disable the wifi in hardware?


Just plugging in a wired connection will prevent the system from using Wifi for Internet. The Xbox Wireless one can't be disabled, however it isn't really exploitable anyway since the only purpose is to connect wireless controllers or headsets.


Thank you for your answer.


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