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Repair guides and support for the random-access memory used in computers.

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How do I Increase the Processing Speed on my PC?

My Old Desktop PC has only 1GB of RAM. How can I Increase the Processing Speed of my PC?

Is there an affordable way or do I have to purchase a larger RAM to add to my PC?

Will an SSD help make my PC faster?

will having both SSD and RAM help?

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If you can give us your system make and model we might be able to guide you on whats needed.


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You maybe limited on how much RAM your system will support. You’ll need to review the owners guide for your system (logic board). in addition you’ll need to review your I/O interfaces to see what you have. If you have a IDE (ATA) interface your options are limited, hopefully you have SATA interfaces. Next you’ll need to see if you have any free ports to add the drive Vs swapping it out which will be harder. And lastly, are you up to swapping things around as well as installing a fresh copy of your OS.

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You can try to overclock the memory and/processor (cpu) in your system. Overclocking is where you manually increase the clock speed of a certain pc component. This can generally be done without purchasing new components. What motherboard are you using? Answering this will help me identify if you are able to overclock.

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