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Repair guides and specifications on the ASUS Eee PC 1001PX Series released in 2011. This laptop series included a 10.1" display with an Intel Atom N450 Processor.

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How to replace Asus EEE PC keyboard?

I an Asus EEE PC 1001PX, some keys on its keyboard suddenly stopped working, i have tried reinstalling the drivers but it didn’t do anything so know that the keyboard is faulty,but how do i replace the keyboard on this computer?

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Hi @carlos124 ,

Plug in a USB keyboard and check its' operation, just to verify that it is a laptop keyboard problem.

Was any liquid spilled onto the keyboard or has the laptop been dropped at all?


i have tested it with a usb keyboard and works fine, but it is a hassle because i use this laptop on the go, and i bought this on a swapmeet, it was until i got home when i found out that the keyboard was faulty


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You can replace the keyboard with the keyboard replacement part below, and the tutorial on how to replace the keyboard is listed below too.



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