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The W123 chassis covers 240D's, 300D's, 300TD's, 280E's, and several other models of Mercedes coupes, sedans and wagons from model years 1977 to 1985.

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Buzzing Noise coming from Instrument Cluster - 79 Mercedes 280E

I have a euro 79 280E. I had an issue with a loud electronic buzzing noise coming from inside the instrument cluster at higher speeds. Once I get to around 60mph+ the noise would come on and then stop when speed decreased (under 30mph).

I thought it was a spedo cable issue and had the cable replaced a few months ago - no issues for a while but the noise just came back. It’s not exactly the same sound as before but is a similar loud buzzing/vibrating noise coming from the cluster when I’m going at least 30 or so.

Any ideas on what this could be outside of the speedometer cable?

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Most likely the cause is the bushing in the speedometer. This is the fitting one sees when speedometer cable is removed, looking into threaded mount at rear of cluster. Suggested resolve is: remove cluster, apply four to five drops of SAE 20 oil (sewing machine oil, “3-in-1 Electric Motor Oil” or equivalent) to the rotating element. This is speedometer part with square recess into which speedometer cable mates.

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