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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Custom binary block by frp

My phone battery got to 10% and i slept off , waking up the next morning to find out that my phone is off and it's no5 charging but show CUSTOM BINARY BLOCK BY FRP

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That means your phone either was rooted, running a custom kernel or custom recovery.

To get this fixed you would need to flash back stock samsung firmware onto the phone.

I have linked guide on how to flash and download samsung firmware here:



Few things to note use at least ODIN v3.13 or newer to flash Android 8.0 firmware. Chances are you’ll need to factory reset the phone after flash as well if it still doesn’t boot.

To avoid custom binary block by FRP always ensure that enable OEM unlock in developer settings is always enabled before turning off / restarting the phone if any custom binaries (refer to line above about custom) were flashed on the phone.

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You are a lifesaver man I was always looking why always my mobile getting blocked by frp lock so that is why then


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Dear my , my mobile are not connecting to “PC” to download.

"what should we do ? "

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I'm having the same problem custom binary blocked by frp and my phone won't connect to the computer.

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