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The Asus VC239H is an entry-level IPS monitor. Supports 1920x1080 resolution (full HD). First available on Amazon in 2015. Model number: VC239H.

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Missing washer from the stand

Hey, i got the screen from my brother, he had it mounted on the wall, when removing the monitor stand he lost a washer or two which makes the screen tilt all the way down. I would greatly appreciate if someone showed me what kind of washers i need and what order they should be in i would really appreciate it.

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In case you don’t get a better answer, here’s a link to all the parts for your monitor. (If the information isn’t there on the webpage, just select Asus - LCD Monitor - V series - VC239H in boxes 1-4 and then select the “hinge” checkbox)

I don’t know your monitor but maybe the washers are part of the STAND-HINGE ASS'Y Part No. : 13010-01820900.

It may be that they are not available as a separate item as there is no mention of them in the parts list.

You could always try contacting the supplier and ask if the washers are available separately or not or if there are any installation instructions showing how they are fitted, (e.g. if they are a part of the hinge assembly perhaps there are installation instructions that come with it unless it comes pre-assembled of course.

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