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Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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I have no soud on my psp go

I’m having an issue on my PSP go where their is no sound coming from speakers but they is sound when conntecing earphones to the device.

How would i be able to fix this problem?

I saw a fix would be bridging the fuse, but i don’t know which one or how i would bridge it.

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It may be worthwhile to first check that the the headphone socket is not the problem.

With a lot of devices, inserting a set of headphones into the headphone socket operate contacts in the socket itself, which either break the audio connection away from the device’s speakers and switches it over to the headphone socket or operate to send a signal to the device’s audio controller to switch the audio over. It may be stuck in the operated position, with the headphones removed from the socket, therefore no audio to the speakers but audio still at the headphones.

As most headphone sockets are irreparable and given the cost of a replacement audio socket for your device it may well be worth it to see if the socket is the problem by simply replacing it with a new one.

If it isn’t the cause of the problem then trying to locate the faulty component in the audio circuit without the aid of a schematic diagram will be very difficult and time consuming.

Here’s a link to the ifixit PSP Go Headphone Jack Replacement guide.

Here’s a link to one supplier of the replacement part. It is just shown to give you an idea of the cost of the part. There are other suppliers that may suit you better. Just search for PSP Go audio socket part to get results.

Just a thought.

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