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Hyundai's entry-level vehicle. It's available only as a sedan; the hatchback was discontinued after the 2017 model year.

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Driver door switch isn't working partially.

I got my Hyundai Accent 1998 car that when I open the driver door ONLY the dome light doesn’t turn on. However when I have my headlights turn on and open the door a small alarm will turn on that I have my headlights turned on so my switch is working partially. How can i fix this problem please ?

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Check that the driver’s door switch is not corroded.

The switch is usually found behind a rubber boot in the door frame. You can push it in and out by hand and check if it seems to mechanically function OK. Some door switches rely on a rubber bung in the door to push them in when the door is closed

Once you have removed the switch, if necessary, you can test it using an Ohmmeter to ensure that it has good electrical continuity through the switch when it is operated and not that it has a resistance value which may prevent the lamp from operating but not the dash light indicator. Remove the fuse for the dome light before removing the switch to prevent blowing the fuse accidentally when removing the switch.

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Okay I try this answer. But why the switch work for the headlights and not for both of them? Is it still the case of corrosion?




I think that it may be but am not sure as I can't find a circuit for your vehicle.

On some cars especially now older cars, the switch operated the lamp directly and a wire was tapped off to the BCM (Body Control Module) that told it to operate the light in the dash and warn if the headlights are still on. It may be that the BCM can still detect this but that there is not enough current for the courtesy lamp. This is just a guess on my part but corrosion or a faulty switch is usually the cause.


Hi jayeff, Today I took a look and try to see if any corrosion is with the switch but it is not the case because I had a spare new switch and still only headlights alarm worked.

Now I took a look to the connector of the car with the switch and it seems it has 2 wires attached to the switch and I’m thinking that one of the wire isn’t making connection with the switch. Do you know how can i fix this ?



As I haven't found a circuit diagram for the dome light wiring, I can only suggest that you test the wires and the switch separately, using an Ohmmeter for the switch and a Voltmeter for the wires.

Are the wires joined together on the switch or if on two separate terminals, does the switch when released (i.e. when the door is open) make or break a connection between the two wires?

Depending on the number of connection terminals does either terminal connect to the body of the switch so that it will connect an earth to the wire, as the switch body should be connected to the car body, unless it is insulated from it of course.

Are there any voltages appearing on either wire?

Can you post a picture of the switch with wires attached so that we can see what you can see? Here's how to do this Adding images to an existing question

It may be a case of having to work out how this works in your car unless you can get hold of a workshop manual. They're available online but you have to buy them.


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