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The Canon EOS Rebel T5, also known as the EOS 1200D, is an 18MP DSLR camera released in February 2014.

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Flashing Yellow light in front of camera

Yellow light flashing on front of camera and will not let me take a picture. Pop-up flash kept hitting hat brim and eventually stopped working. This is for my EOS Rebel T5 1200D

I have removed the battery and that did not solve the problem.

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What does it do when you try to take a picture? Specifically, at what point does it stop? Does the lens autofocus (if you have an autofocus lens for it)? Do any of the viewfinder lights come on? And what shooting mode are you in?

The flash thing is weird. It shouldn’t have stopped working just from hitting the brim of your hat. Have you tried turning flash off and making sure it’s not set to auto flash?

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