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A sturdy laptop by IBM released in 2003, ThinkPad is now owned by Lenovo.

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Why wont my IBM R40 Boot?

So the motherboard it came with was dead. I replaced it and the CPU with a brand new Pentium M CPU. I hit the power button, fan on cpu spins briefly then stops, hard drive spins, dvd/cd drive boots, and power on indicator turns on. Nothing shows up on screen and it just sits there with the hard drive running. Any idea?

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Very late response:

I learned the boards on these are not reliable. I had two R40s I got, both boards ended up being the culprit. I bought a replacement board, it arrived dead on arrival. I ended up trashing these and selling any parts I could.

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Have you tried putting the original CPU back into the machine and attempting to boot with that? Likely the problem is from the new CPU. I would verify as well that the new Pentium M CPU is compatible with the R40. What is the specific version of the Pentium M that you purchased?

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