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Updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook. Model A1534, EMC 2991.

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Should keyboard work if ForceTouch flex cut in half?

Just wanted to buy MacBook 12 2016 with cut in half ForceTouch flex (the one when You open bottom lid which connects both halves)

But seller unable to switch it on as he says it is responsible for keyboard (power button does not working - but all I can see is charging battery logo when he connects charger)

Is it true or keyboard is somehow damaged or even something more.

All I could see is that flex cut in half in the middle.

P.S. As I can remember there are always some “gold contacts” on motherboard in MacBook - just to short them and MacBook will switch on - where are they? :)

Thank You


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Here's the IFIXIT Retina MacBook 2016 Teardown It will allow you to see more clearly who your system is constructed and you can get a better idea on the damaged cable.


yep - I saw it in person - the one which goes form Motherboard to ForceTouch is cut - the one which goes from ForceTouch to keyboard is looking great - but just LOOKING - did not see it under microscope

So is that first cable (which is cut) transfer keyboard data/connection (through ForceTouch) to motherboard?

I know I can switch it on by disconnecting battery - but got no such a tool - so where are power pads on motherboard? :)

Thank You


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Buying a damaged system is always iffy!

Unless you understand how to fix your system, I would not buy it. And it would need to be very cheap before I did.

You run the risk of loosing not only the money you paid for the system but also the damaged parts if there is something deeper has gone wrong here.

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the reason I want to buy it as it cost as much as just replacement display (so it is very cheap)

So 100% I won't loose money - the only one question is how much I will earn

If I would see it booted up - I would know that was just flex cable as they are very cheap.


Is this the cable you're looking for? Input device (IPD) flex cable


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