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LG's flagship smartphone, with a unique slide-out battery and detachable I/O module supporting multiple hardware expansion options. Released in April 2016.

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What adhesive or glue can I use to stick the LCD screen to its base?


When replacing the power button of my LG G5 the LCD screen got loose from its base and now it has a 2 to 3 mm gap on the left side. What type of tape, or glue, or adhesive can I use to stick it back? Is the iFix film, item code: IF303-087-1, intended for that? If yes, do I have to remove the entire LCD screen, put the film bellow, and then stick it to its base?

As only one corner of the LCD screen has a gap, I am inclined to use tape of liquid glue to deal with that corner only and not to have to remove the entire thing.


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I took a risk and used “Superglue” from Locktite, around the inside edges, being careful that the glue does not go past 2 to 3 mms from the edges, allowed it to cure for 24 hours (glue instructions), and it worked! The LCD glass no longer has any opening gap and it looks brand new.

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