Not accessible in Demo mode

I bought a ‘like new” DX smartwatch for the band. The watch looks great (like new) but functionality is limited. After the screen timeout everything goes back to factory default. Time goes back to 8:00am. Date goes back to 08/01/2015. Even downloaded programs are gone. The pictures remain. I also cannot access the advanced menu. The response to the advanced menu is “Not accessible in Demo mode”. I already tried both reset options suggested by the manual and tech support. Any other ideas to get this to function properly (out of Demo mode)? I already contacted support and was told the watch is unrepairable. Since I bought it used on eBay it is not under any warranty. The technician had never heard of Demo mode. I sent them a video but they still could not help me.

But the wristband works great on the other watch. So I’m not out a lot and my son is happy with his old watch on the new wristband. Got what I paid for. Just thought I’d try to get this watch to function properly.

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