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The Dell Inspiron 15 (N5050) is a mid-sized laptop manufactured by Dell, Inc. that operates on Windows 7. The laptop features include a WLED HD display screen and a max supported memory of 8 GB.

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I tried to factory reset now it wont boot up

I reacently tried to factory reset my dell now it wont boot up it keeps takeing me to a blue screen that says it didnt load correctly

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Hi @tazorcorn ,

If it came with Win 7 and you just updated it to Win 10 it may not have the correct repair information in the separate partition reserved for repairing.

Try creating a Win 10 USB recovery disc and booting from that.

The USB recovery disk can be created from any known working Win 10 computer. All you need is a 8GB flashdrive and about 40-60 minutes of time.

In the Win 10 host computer, go to Control panel > Recovery > create a recovery disc.

Once you have the recovery USB, insert it into the laptop and then after the laptop starts and before it boots into Windows, get into BIOS and change the boot order to USB as 1st boot option.

Don’t know your laptop but you may also have to enable either Legacy USB or CSM in BIOS to allow it to boot from a USB drive. Save the changes and exit from BIOS.

When the laptop restarts it should boot from the USB drive into the Windows Recovery Environment.

If you wish to reinstall Win 10 select Reset this PC.

If you wish to save your data, select Troubleshooting > Advanced > Startup Repair and follow the prompts.

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It was preinstalled with windows 7 I see but do you have windows 10 by chance?

If you have windows 10, press F8 constantly as the system turns on.

This will get to “Safe Mode”

In safe mode, find “Reset your PC”

Doing this should hopefully reinstall windows 10 for you.

If you have windows 7. How did you do a factory reset? What option did you select.

if you have windows 7, you could directly download windows 10 online to a USB and install it onto your laptop as it could handle it. Could do the same if it was Windows 10 but only if my first solution didn’t work.

I can give you much more details on possible solutions but before that. I need 2 questions to be answered.

  1. Do you have Windows 7 still or updated to Windows 10? Do you have Windows 7 or 10 basically. Don’t care how it got there.
    1. How did you try to factory reset the device?

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Yes i have windows 10 on it and i tried to reset the the computer from the trouble shoot



Then yes, create an USB of Windows 10, boot into the flash drive, and install it that way. Your OS is most likely completely corrupted.


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