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Model Number A1707. Released June 2017, this MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to the 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz.

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Can MacBook 2016 or newer be iCloud locked PERMAMENTLY?

Hi there

I have possibility to buy MacBook Pro 15” 2017, seller says it is “iCloud” locked.

I had many MacBooks before but never newer than 2015 (pre Touch Bar).

I 100% sure I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to have it iCloud lock - as if I do format disk and reinstall system iCloud lock will be gone.

I know about FIRMWARE / BIOS in those 2015 and older - but seller says it is not that lock - it is iCloud lock like in iPhone.

Can someone please tell me what are possibilities to PERMAMENTLY lock of MacBook 2016 or newer?

Thank You

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You just need to wipe the machine.

This can be done by a local computer shop rather easily if you don’t have the correct tools.

You’ll need a bootable USB operating system to re-install.


If this was a 2015 or older MacBook it could be defeated, the newer 2016 onward models not.

Here's a good write up on the older models: Apple's iCloud lock for Macs is not very secure


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The older MacBook Pro’s iCloud lock was defeat-able! But it was a chore to do. The newer 2016 onwards MacBook Pro’s are a different story, The 2018 T2 chip models even more so! Are just not able to be broken.

Here the storage is soldered into the system so you can’t remove it to reformat it externally, to add to it the EFI chip is now tied to the CPU’s ID. Apple has made a large effort to reduce theft just like they did with the iPhones & iPads.

Make sure you haven’t confused a firmware password How to set a firmware password on your Mac. Many people confuse the two.

There are a lot of fly by night sharks who will try to tell you they can break iCloud (iOS or MacOS) sorry to say it’s a rip off!

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