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A repair page for the Kindle Fire HD 10 7th Generation Tablet/E-Reader by Amazon.

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charging port doesnt work

charging port needs replacing, how do i do it

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Hi @jwuk ,

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to dis-assmble the tablet and replace the charge port in your tablet.

You’ll need SMD (Surface mounted device) soldering tools and expertise to do the repair.

At 11:17 minutes into the video the port is seen being removed from the systemboard

It is not a job for novice repairers as you can cause more damage than what you had before you started if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You’ll also need to find the correct USB connector replacement part. They may look the same but there are a lot of different micro USB female connectors available on the market. The main differences are in the connector’s systemboard mounting lug positions and the orientation of the connector. You want it to line up and match with what is there on the board ;-)

Here’s a link to just one supplier there may be others. I think this is the right one, check if the model number of your tablet matches the description in the ad. To me Kindles can be confusing as to their names and generations. I find that it is better to use model numbers, not names, when looking for the correct parts. If it is not the correct one, search online for Kindle (insert model number of tablet - found on back of tablet or in tablet’s settings menu) usb charge port connector

If this seems too daunting a task, contact a reputable professional electronics or mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote to replace the charge port.

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Thank you for the info and advice, greatly appreciate it!


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Hi Jonathan,

I was just doing some research and noticed that although helpful jayeff linked the port for the Fire HD 10 5th gen / 2015 model which has this P/N SR87CV . You have SL056ZE  for the 7th gen / 2017 HD 10 and you need this USB port. Might be other sellers cheaper but with 100% buyer satisfaction on a listing and over 100 sold there must be a reason. Like he said above there are TONs of various USB ports even in the micro B type. 5, 7 & 11 pins (I’ve even seen 6 on a few odd Samsung models). Middle mount, reverse mount, short, long, through hold, SMT, top or bottom mount, flange and no flange and the list goes on. Good idea to stick with a seller that looks like they specialize in just USB ports or similar components. If they also are selling lingerie & toys (not for kids) I have high doubt of the seller’s knowledge of the replacement parts or any other product they sell.

Also it is very important you get the year / generation correct. They use a different port for each variation with few exceptions. Match the P/N to any listings if they have them. Like this one would be SL056ZE .

P.S. For what it’s worth if you can remember the Kindle / Fire / FIre HD series generation matches the last digit of the year it is helpful. So 5th gen is 2015, 7th gen is 2017 etc. It DOES NOT apply to non color Amazon e-readers though.

Anyways hope this helps you and/or others.

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I can't seem to find a video on how to remove it for this specific model. I've tried desoldering and then also resoldering and desoldering, that didn't work. I'm about to try a heat gun, but would be grateful if you could give me any pointers?


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I’ve found on a couple of fire tablets that the USB connector just needs to be re-soldered, which in itself isn’t easy.

It’s fixed both not charging and slow charging problems.

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I have now opened it and as I thought, you must lift it from left side first!
Plastic was stuck …

I cannot open a SL056ZE to replace Micro USB port - this is a first for me!

I mean I opened it up to all around it, it lifts but there seems to be part of ‘blue’ plastic cover - internally - that is kind of locked into right side of PCB [looking at it with battery below !

Any ideas? I guess this would help many others, if there is a reply.

I will try to slide in all 4 direction if it is just a catch.

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