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The GoPro Hero5 Black is an HD waterproof action camera released by GoPro in October of 2016. The 4k resolution video camera has voice control, a touch screen display, and built in WiFi.

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Charger door fallen off

So my go pro hero black 5 is only 2 weeks old. And I’m overseas diving and snorkeling and the go pro fell off a little coffee table and the door to the charger port has come off. Is there anyway of fixing this without putting it into a shop??

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Um of course yeah. I have a hero 5 and it’s basicly a latch. Not so easy to get it back in but yes it can surely be done.

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Thank you. Yeah I can see that it’s just a latch. I’m pretty handy with most things ha but can not seem to get this back on can u give me any more tips of how some how to do it coz it just won’t work for me.


I wish I can post a vid. But doesn’t the cover expand and contract? Try push it in and then pushing it gently up until it clicks. Ask me if u need anything else!


Sorry for not being very specific. I mean when the cover is expanded try doing as I said.


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