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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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Power steering leaking on driver side

I have a 2001 grand caravan, I’ve have it wrk on ,put on a pump…it still has probs..took it backto shop, bcz of my reservoir losing fluid..they took it in claim tighten stuff..it still leaks. asked up front if they check hoses to make sure they were good.. oh yes… I knew then they we’re lying.. I live small town can’t find honest mechanic.. being woman they take advantage.. getting to point..

it started to squeling more n and hard to turn and winter time and rain seems worst.. I just keep putting in fluid w stop leak and Helped temp…today I was driving it made strange noise differently, it cold here. thought it was something else., I pushed on the gas n heard pop sound.

I got to gas station no fluid. I added some till, I get home …u could hear gurgling sounds from reservoir, ik that air in line.. leak is so bad bcz, when I was leaving gas station it had big puddle of fluid, I got home the fluid left streaks on road.

I let it sit then pour more fluid in and turned it on & got under the car as far I could , on the right side toward middle not in middle but not by tire..It making louder noise n gurgling.. I hope this doesn’t tear up the pump.. read symptoms for rack n pinion , don’t have any of them symptoms.. , I feel like it a hose from reservoir, Idk… I have pic 1 is on side where leak is around 2 pic is front of car.. they pics came backwards sorry….

Block Image

.. I really appreciate any help thank you…

Block Image

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See u pic it showing pump n high end.. do u have pic of rack n pinion and lines that run from the reservoir down under? Replacing the low hose do u have be under car can u do thru top? Sorry to ask but vans are very cramp not room to see stuff compare to other cars I owned like Taurus or Camaro...


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@angelina1982 this is going to be tough to diagnose by pictures. From the amount of leakage it sure looks like a bad hose or connection, As for which one it is we really can’t tell by those pictures. I would think based on the location of the leaking fluid that this comes from either the pressure or the return line to the power steering gear. I attached the steering manual for your vehicle so check that one and try to trace the hose etc to see if you can narrow it down. Power Steering Any decent mechanic should be able to troubleshoot this and you may have to find a better one than the one you are currently using.

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Hi Sir! Sorry on late reply my kids were sick.. I appreciate ur apply..I tho it would help if supply pic, I understand..I’m hoping that might be that.. what read on line I believe the low pressure hose is on the side of leak is driver side, on pass side it high one…

can a rack n pinion leak that much or they slow leak? I’m going try jack up car see get better look.. not having enough fluid in it, can that destroy the rack n pinion? The hose that comes from reservoir does that connect to return hose?

have u ever use stop leak? I got Lucas power steering one n I’m little scared to try it.. I called Lucas they said if it hose leak it won’t wrk but if pump or rack n pinion could help. What u thoughts?

If hose or connector then feel easy fix compared to rack n pinion, I heard it in thousand range..if pump then temp fixed, thank god my pumps lifetime warranty.. . I do sir appreciate ur help.. yes ik it hard to find trustworthy in my town.. I’m like 35 plus miles to bigger city..I’ll look @ pic u send me .. thank you .., ps I’m not sure it ask me 3 ways to comment , It confused me. Hope send it right way.. lol..

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