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The K56CM is a 15.6-inch laptop manufactured by Asus.

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PC does not recognize second hdd after restart


I upgraded SSD for my laptop (Asus K46CM) using caddy bay.

SSD is installed on caddy bay at location of DVD slot. Old HDD still stay at original HDD slot. SSD for Windows and HDD for Data store.

At first boot, PC recognized all device SSD and HDD.

I’ve installed Windows and it boot up normally. But after restart, my PC can not detect SSD at DVD slot and of course, PC can not boot to windows.

I’ve checked on BIOS at that time and found that PC recognize only old HDD.

I tried to shutdown PC by pressing power button and turn on. It work normally.

PC booted into Windows and I can access 2 disks without problem.


Restart PC ==> Can not detect disk in caddy bay

Shutdown and turn on ==> Work properly.

Can someone help me to fix this issue ?

Thank you in advance

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Are you sure windows is installed on the SSD? Also make sure the SSD is the main and HDD is Slave. Change both hard drive by swapping them and try booting

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Thank you Daniel for advice. I will try and feedback result.


It's work. Thanks so much Daniel.


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