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The SanDisk Cruzer Glide is USB flash drive with a retractable USB plug. It comes in a variety of storage capacities with a black and red plastic case for all models.

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Is this Flash Drive fixable?

I accidentally droped the laptop that this was plugged in to… the cover for it split and when we went to plug it back in, it wasn’t showing up on the computer. I feel like this can be fixed easily since the connection to the motherboard is still intact… It’s just not showing up on the laptop.

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It probably cant be fixed unless you go to a professional so unless you have information you need on it then give up. Or if your lucky you can play around with it and it will work. Good luck


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I agree that it probably can be fixed but easily…no. It’s hard to say from the pictures but when a USB drive is physically damaged, it usually means some traces on the circuit board are damaged. This can be fixed but it requires micro-soldering and that makes any DIY repair unlikely.

Here’s an example of the type of damage I am referring to.

Block Image

If you value the data on the drive, you could send your USB Drive to a micro-soldering repair specialist.

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