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My laptop is lag

it is so much lag i dont no why please i need an advice

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Hi ,

What OS is installed?

Does it lag when using different programs or on the internet watching video etc or with every action?

Have you tried operating in safe mode (check online how to enter safe mode for your OS) to see if the performance improves?

If it does then there is a driver problem or perhaps a problem with a program that is loaded on Startup, To check what programs are loaded on startup. right click on the taskbar and click on task manager > startup. try disabling one program at a time to see if performance improves.

Also if you have a 3rd party AV installed (Anti Virus) try disabling it to check performance. be careful if you go online if you do this as there is no AV protection.

Check that you haven't got 2 AV running at the same time i.e. 3rd party AV and Windows Defender as they will be competing with each other trying to protect you and slowing the system down.

Have you tried scanning for viruses and malware?


Do you have an SSD?


no i dont have SSD


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A computer lags at that time when its temporary data goes to its full. Just follow these steps to increase performance again:

1.      Just type %temp% in your search bar and delete all the data. It will give some relaxation to your computer.

2.      Delete those programs that you won’t use in your daily routine. You can easily do this by going to the Control Panel of Windows.

3.      Your Computer may also be effected with virus. It is a serious problem that can effect the speed. Some people install AVAST antivirus in order to remove the malware. But I personally recommend you to the “Bitdefender ” anti malware software. Because AVAST is a heavy software which may effect the speed of your computer. But the shown software is easy to use and it will not effect the speed of your computer. In order to install this software Just visit this site: Gamesexploit or PS4 Jailbreak or PS3 Jailbreak and search for the “Bitdefender”. You’ll easy get that from this site.

4.      If the given steps will not increase the speed, than install some more RAM on your computer.

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