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The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is a mid-range smartphone in the Galaxy A series. It was unveiled by Samsung in January 2017 together with the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and A7 (2017). [summary_image|1224313]

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Swap microphone with speakerphone mic?

Hi there. I’ve got a 2017 A3 whose usb port i was replacing,but unfortunately spilled flux to the mic hole nearby and i think i broke the mic. Can i swap this over with the speakerphone mic,instead of waiting for a new one?

Also,how resistant are these mics to heat? Could heat have broken it and not the flux? (didnt push heat through the hole,though. It had kapton on that side. Too bad the flux went through..)

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frizstyler  both Mic’s have the same part number 3003-001233 so they are compatible. Unlikely this is from the heat but most likely shorted out.

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thanks mate.

I’m not asking whether the mic’s are the same,i’m asking if it’s ok to remove the speakerphone mic and place it there.


Since they are the same mics you can just place it there.


but the speakerphone will have no mic. will the device work properly? thats what im asking..


frizstyler that will depend on your phone's firmware and if it does a self test on the mic. Most likely is that it will work. Eventually you would want to go ahead and replace the mic.


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ok i swapped them over and it works! Hmm.. dont know whether this affects the stereo sound of video though.. and noise cancelling must no longer be working…

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