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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Power Supply voltage test

I have an Mac Mini (Model A1347) that won't power up. I want to test the power supply (ADP-85AF) but cannot find the output voltage values anywhere on the internet.

I would be happy to post a 'technique' article showing people how to access and test the power supply in this model if someone can help me determine their proper output values and connector pins.

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Pretty sure 12vdc 7.1, as for connector pins…. I have no idea. I'll do some digging.


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Here’s what I found when testing two of these power supplies. The right 4 pins, when viewed from this side, output 12VDC in relation to any of the 6 left pins. (see image)

Block Image

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@wattmagner you are correct 4 wires on the left in your orientation are negative1; 4 from the right are positive the center wire is not connected.


@oldturkey03 / @wattmagner - your multimeter 1 probe contacted 1 wire/contact in the (red text group/above image) and the other 2nd probe contacted 1 wire/contact in the (white text group/above image)?

if one probe accidentally touched two contacts at once (in white or red group) would that short out the PSU? a friend with some electrical background said i have to find a ground for one probe then ONLY touch ONE contact say in the red group. if i accidentally touched two red group pins would could short out PSU.

do u have a technique to touch only one pin?

thank you!


@rasberry it is of course always a bad idea to cross points but I do not see how or why it would shorten things out. Anyhow, the pitch between the contacts is wide enough to really not worry to much about it. Your probes should not be that thick. If they are, use smaller probes. Always good to have a variety of test probes for your meter.


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