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Mic and speaker issues (not really the common issue, please read)

Hi folks. So i’ve heard and i’m totally aware of the IC chip issues with iPhone 7 but my issue is just a bit different. First of all, the speaker icon its NOT greyed out on phone calls. Also voice menos record button is not greyed out (but it doesn’t record if i try to create one voice memo it just hangs there)

When i try to make a phone call both speaker and mic do not work. I see the speaker button flashing on and off without me touching the screen. And this issue is intermittent. If i force restart sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn’t. When the calls work the voice memos also work and when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work on both calls and voice memos.

The device does NOT take a very long time to boot lie it usually happens when it has an issue with the IC chip.

Another thing realized is that whenever any app tries to use the mic, the device gets crazy (extremely slow basically) and it just doesn’t work.

Now with this info do you guys believe that the issue its still related to the IC audio chip? Or could it be something else? Thanks in advance!

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There are too many audio-related issues going on with your device to ignore the the classic Audio IC problem/solution.

Whenever a device suffers from multiple problems, it is either because of:

  • extensive physical damage (huge drop or run over by a car)
  • water damage (even if you don’t think the phone was exposed)
  • some root cause on the logic board

You don’t talk about your device being physically damaged, so we’ll exclude that for now. Water damage is always possible, even if you don’t believe it to be so. Opening up the device and doing a careful inspection of the logic board, especially underneath it always advised. If neither of those scenarios pan out, then you have to consider an Audio Ic reball/C12 rebuild. It may not be the final or full solution in the end, but it is the most logical thing to consider right now.

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That sounds pretty classic for audio ic to me, other than the long boot time. I bet if you flexed the board a little bit you’d trigger the long boot time. The classic presentation is “greyed out voice memos” ON iOS 11. With iOS12, voice memos is no longer grayed out—it will just say “no audio devices found” when you attempt to record a memo. I generally consider that finding as diagnostic for common audio ic C12 fault.

I definitely wouldn’t do any other troubleshooting on this phone other than a classic audio ic repair and see if that solves. Most microsolderers do no fix no fee so there really isn’t much risk to give it a try.

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