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Apple выпустила смартфон 4 ноября 2017 года в двух различных конфигурациях: A1865, A1901 и дала название iPhone X. Доступны варианты с разными стандартами мобильной связи: GSM или CDMA; с двумя объемами хранилища: 64 или 256 Гб; двумя различными оттенками корпуса: серебристый и Space Gray.

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Front/Back camera and faceID not working

After dropping my iPhone X the display underneath the glass has been damaged. The camera’s worked fine and faceID also was working.

After getting another screen the camera’s both stopped working so i changed the parts back, but the camera’s still didn’t work. I searched for broken cables or dirty connectors but can’t find anything.. Does someone had the same issue?

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Whoever replaced it might of damaged the logic board connectors that are not visible at first look, it could also be the connecter that connects to the screen. Hope this helps

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So it will be better to switch out the logic board for another one? (I know i will lose Face ID...)


Possibly, you could just try rubbing it with some alcohol, this could clean the connectors. Just blow on the connector after applying the alcohol then re-connect the screen. If this doesn't work I would suggest getting a new screen. If this still doesn't work then you will most likely need to replace the connector on the logic board.


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iPhone have so complex module to operate Face id function.These are the visible parts over LCD is that.

Ir camera & front camera but there is so many component is enter-relatively working for Face id.

1- IR Camera

2-Flood illuminatior + Proximity sensor in one flex

3-Ambient light sensor

4- Front Camera

5 - Dot Projector

How to check which section is failure that causes Face id function fail.We can diagonis by this way.Remember if the IR camera,front camera,dot projector all are encrypt by apple so,if the flex or FPC is damage can fixed but parts itself damage is not the solution.

Block Image

While light sensor on the phone is accidently damage put the phone brightness of the phone to final then you got more brightness then normal and when the brightness of the phone is in lowest level the use torch or flash light on the right side of the screen the brightness is automatically rises if it rises fails means light sensor is damaged which has also the most important in face id function.

The reason for the problem is that the FPC or flex accidentily damaged while iPhone screen is replaced.So,need extra care on while changing screen.


Proximity and flood illuminatior flex or FPC - might be tore because this flex is on LCD side many technician or by changing LCD might be broken because apple uses special glue to fix that flex on LCD.

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