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The Google Pixel C is a 10.2 inch Android tablet that was released on September 20, 2015. The device is made to be compatible with a keyboard that attaches magnetically and connects via Bluetooth.

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Will a Google Pixel C screen replacement fix a backlight issue?

I have a Google Pixel C tablet with a backlight issue. It appears to be a form of loose connection. I press the power button to unlock and the screen doesn't light up but if you shine a bright light onto the screen you can see the device is on and you can use the device just like if the back light was on.

If you then turn the screen off and then tap it before pressing the power button to wake up the screen, it works fine.

I see there is a guide for a screen replacement but will this fix a backlight issue?

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It’s hard to say, if a replacement will work. It sounds like it should given the fact that if you tap the screen first it works. However, I have seen many chrome devices have backlight issues that originate from the motherboard.

Here’s the guide for the screen replacement. I would reseat the cables to the screen first just to see if that works.

Google Pixel C Screen Replacement

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