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Big spot on screen and backlight broken

Everything else seems to work fine except it freezes at random but i have no idea why this is here. I wonder if this black spot has something to do with it. i can sometimes get the backlight to come on but it eventually goes back off. i can also sometimes get the spot to go away.

Block Image

i don’t think it can be saved but i figured it was worth a shot

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@jarhead1 that is a broken LCD. Tough to replace those. iPod Nano 4th Generation Display Replacement

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That black spot is a result of the LCD being squashed against the backglass. This is a result of the battery expanding, as the iPod nano's internals are closely packed together, in a way that, if the battery expands, there's no room to expand. Note: this can happen on any model of iPod nano.

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exception for 6th gen and 7th gen


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