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Released online on January 16, 2009, the Inspiron 1545 is a 15.6" budget PC laptop available with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. It succeeded the Inspiron 1525.

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best graphics for this laptop?

Recently I have been wanting to get the mobility radeon hd 4330 motherboard for my laptop I think it was 512mb of graphics memory, but when I go online to check it out I see on ebay it is now 256mb, but when i go online to see the specs, it says maximum amount of memory is 512mb, does anyone know a upgrade for this laptop that will get my laptop up to 512mb of memory?

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I personally wouldn’t bother - the Radeon 4000 series is thoroughly obsolete and will only be a minor bump compared to the Intel GMA HD board (even if it’s still terrible). You will need to find the 512MB board if your heart is absolutely set on replacing the motherboard (at the cost of a complete identical system), since the GPU VRAM is soldered like the GPU. In addition, you will need to replace the heatsink since your Intel GMA system has a different style heatsink. The benefit of getting away from the Intel UMA architecture isn’t worth the cost to replace the board in your case.

You’re better off investing the money you’d sink into this minor upgrade into a used Haswell or Skylane laptop that’s significantly better, and will also support modern protocols like USB3 and modern components like DDR3L/DDR4 memory and M.2 AHCI SSDs. It doesn’t make sense to scrap this - keep it as a backup system until it dies if you buy a modern notebook to replace it. Haswell has endured surprisingly well, especially with the M/MQ systems; I usually don’t hold onto hardware for 7 years like my E6540, but Haswell has endured so well I made an exception (plus I have a Win7 system, so that’s partially why). I’m planning on holding out until I can get a Ryzen 3000 laptop to replace it, especially if I can get one with TB3.

The only caveat is most Haswell systems seem to run Windows 7 (especially business models like my Latitude), so you will probably want to factor the cost of a Windows 10 Pro/Home license into your total cost unless you can still get the free upgrade with your product key.

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A word of caution: If you get an MQ machine from Dell (Ex: Quad core E6540 before the 4800/10MQ was relegated to the "Precision M2800" or a real Precision series) and it uses the 130W power supply (with Dell molded into the top of the case), replace it as soon as possible with a more current one that's genuine. These early chargers are more prone to sense IC failure and the notebooks do not charge the battery unless it can properly identify the charger - when they die, this is inhibited. Bear in mind it doesn't happen to all of them, but I've seen more then a few of the early chargers (identified by earlier DP/N part numbers) crap out this way.

You want a 0VJCH5 or newer replacement for these early 130W units. Even if you just get an M series Haswell Dell, the battery is also more likely to be dead at this point (or at the minimum, have compromised runtime). Realibrate the battery to get a realistic idea of how much life is left and check it with Dell Command Power manager so you can monitor it.


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