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Released in 2013, Model number 19150 (Green) or 19167 (Pink)

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Need battery terminals please...

I don't know if this is the right place to ask. Apologise if it's not. I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can buy battery terminals for this unit (generics are fine if they'll fit). They are corroded badly but there's no other visible damage. I'm repairing it for my daughter's school. I appreciate any help and thanks for viewing.

Update (04/23/2019)

Thank you both for your prompt responses. I tried cleaning the terminals first and they were really bad. The wires look ok. There was ample room for me trim and expose a fresh copper strand. Sorry if my pics don't post. I'm brand new here, super green. Thanks again.

Block Image

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Here’s a link to just one supplier of AA battery connector parts. There are others e.g. mouser.com, farnell.com etc.

Alternatively you could search for AA battery holder and scavenge the required parts from the holder.

You probably don’t need this but here’s a link to the Leapfrog My Own Leaptop Keyboard Buttons Replacement Guide guide which may help in gaining access to the terminals in the battery holder.

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Hi Loodz,

Take some pictures and share with us.

I had fix up some of those.

Clean up those corrosion and chemicals from the dead batteries,

and order replacement on ebay / aliexpress, AA battery size


and some soldering skills.

if wire is badly damaged, you will need to replace it too

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