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The HP Split x2 is a 13" hybrid tablet/laptop combination was sold in mid-2013. The HP split is easily identified by its pull apart design.

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How to replace tablet's 64gb SSD with a larger one?

The Split has only a 64 gb hard drive. Its tiny, and my computer is always grumbling it hasn’t got enough room and I’m forever doing disk clean ups. Sometimes I’ve lost data because of getting help from Microsoft to make more space..… last time I lost all my bookmarks. How to find the right shape new SSD *** and long life /reliable replacement *** to fit into the space that would be larger? How easy is it to get into the tablet portion without breaking the screen?

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That drive most likely uses an mSATA drive. Can you provide the model number printed under the laptop? It should be something along the lines of “13-xxxxxx” / “TPN-xxx”

I’m not sure about the physical key in size of the mSATA drive so if you have the model I can tell you exactly what it uses.

This model is fairly easy to open, the back cover is held in via plastic clips as shown in this guide:

HP Split x2 Battery Replacement

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