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The Asus X550ZA-SA100603E was released in June 15, 2015 as part of X55 models. It is a regular laptop capable of handling everyday needs and multimedia tasks.

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ASUS X550ZA SSD Upgrade

Can you upgrade the storage from the HDD to an SSD? is there a repair guide for that? Thanks.

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Yes, you can upgrade the storage from the HDD to an SSD. But I think you should first ensure the Windows OS you used can be normally moved to the SSD. Otherwise, you need to install and activate the Windows operating system again. Here is a tutorial: https://medium.com/@elinawzy/move-window....

Hope it can help you!


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A SATA to USB external adapter will be necessary to copy the old drive to the new SSD using cloning software such as Acronis, EaseUS Todo Backup , Macrium Reflect , Clonezilla, etc.

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